The Global Investment Committee is one of the most established clubs at Michigan with an extensive alumni network across a variety of financial disciplines, tech, and many other industries. Many of these alumni actively participate in GIC events by speaking at member meetings, attending alumni meetups, and mentoring members in the club through internships or other channels. Alumni are one of the most valuable stakeholders of GIC.



At GIC, analysts are encouraged to explore a variety of career opportunities. The snapshot alongside displays where some of our analysts have decided to pursue their careers.

GIC Alumni Mentorship Program

The structured mentorship program pairs freshman and sophomore members with an alumni mentor based on their academic and career aspirations. This gives each member a chance to develop a personal relationship with an industry professional who will support and advise them with academics and recruiting. The program creates life-long relationships between graduated and current members of our GIC community. 

If you would be willing to offer your time, guidance, and experience to fellow GIC members, please contact us to become a GIC Alumni Mentor.