Who are we?

Global Investments Committee is a close-knit student-run multi-asset investment fund focusing on the global economy and financial markets. But GIC is more than just an investment fund that yields superior returns. With an inclusive culture and diverse membership, GIC is a family.

Investment Fund

GIC members actively manage an investment fund of over $25,000 by developing sector specific investment theses to help the club deploy capital in a diversified portfolio producing above-market returns

Membership Experience

We strive to provide an unparalleled learning opportunity for undergraduates interested in investing through our club meetings and educational sessions while hosting memorable social events to foster life-long relationships within our community

Investment Competitions

GIC hosts an Uptick/RIT Simulation competition every semester, allowing students to compete against each other in sessions that reflect real-life trading and merger arbitrage situations. We also provide support and guidance for members to participate in other competitions across the country

Professional Development

Members are prepared to reach their career goals through guidance from upperclassmen/alumni and a weekly structured training program consisting of finance seminars and recruiting preparation workshops